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For Denise - Modern AU

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[It had been a couple months since Aaron Burr and John Laurens started dating. Honestly, Aaron was kind of surprised that they got together in the first place, or that they had stayed together as long as they had. This loud kid who he somehow kept running to all across campus, who kept ending up in random classes of his. (Probably it was more accurate to say that Aaron kept turning up in John's classes, actually. He was really, really serious about pre-law, but still. He found the time to take as many classes as he could. To explore different things. To keep his options open.)

John should have been the last kind of person he would get together with, but...there was something about him. His friendliness. The way he paid such close attention to Aaron. That kind of care and attention had been something he hadn't even realized he'd been missing, until John burst into his life and started giving it to him.

...Of course, there were downsides to dating an impulsive, adventurous, enthusiastic guy. He more than sometimes had really dangerous ideas. Even for dates.]

No, I agree that would be romantic. But I don't think sneaking in would be the best idea.
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[Most of the people who knew John had been shocked when he and Aaron began dating. He was so much more reserved than many of John's other friends or past significant others. But John had been intrigued by him right from the start -- this guy who seemed way too smart for his age, who seemed to only let on glimmers of whatever he was thinking.

Plus, goddamn, that smile.

Oh sure, by now John knew there were a lot of times when Aaron would smile and not really mean it, but his genuine smile, the one he'd have when something actually was making him happy, that was probably the most beautiful thing John'd ever set eyes on.]

Well how else are we suppose to have a romantic picnic in an old abandoned house? C'monnn. Nobody'd probably even notice we were there.

[He pouts and wraps his arms around Aaron's neck and shoulders.]
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That's kind of the point. We don't?

[Despite his protesting, Aaron still doesn't look all that bothered. It just doesn't seem like the best idea, to him. If they get caught...well, he and John are who they are. They could get into a lot of trouble with the wrong police officer. Aaron definitely doesn't need that kind of record.

Still. He brings a hand up to rest on John's arm, smiling at him a little.]

We could go for a regular picnic. What's wrong with a regular picnic?
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I guess nothing's wrong with a regular picnic. But it's just not as cool or fun as a secret picnic.

[Because now that he's got this idea in his head, a regular picnic just seems to pale in comparison to the excitement of a picnic they're not supposed to be on.

He closes the distance between them to give Aaron a kiss. Just a quick peck on the lips.]

Are there any downsides other than getting caught?
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[Okay, the kiss is nice, and he reciprocates. BUT.

Aaron then narrows his eyes slightly as he thinks about that question, trying to find the right argument that will convince John that this is a bad idea. (He doesn't necessarily think he's going to find that argument, honestly. He knows John well enough to realize that sometimes this sort of thing is a losing battle. That he needs to pick and choose what he's going to drag his feet about.)

Trying to point out his actual concern is just going to make John dig in harder. The idea of injustice, and having someone to fight.]

Better scenery somewhere else?

[...Yeah sure, he'll go for the superficial. Is a rundown house really the best locale for a date, really?]
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[His pout intensifies, leaning on Aaron even more than he had been before.]

Mannnnn, come on. What're your ideas for a spot then?

[It's not that he's particularly dead-set on NEEDING this picnic, but the idea is in his head, and until it gets replaced with a better idea, he isn't going to understand what the problem is.

Besides, he thinks he could make it look really precious. Get some battery-operated christmas lights to string up, maybe have like, candles or something too? Shit, that would be great. He's up for something else, but it would have to be really good to outweigh this mental image he's created for the two of them.

And in the mean time, he's planning on being a whiny little butt about it.]
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all aboard the grad school au train

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[So, the thing is, Cosima isn't a law student. She really has no business invading the law school library, not when she has a perfectly good library on the main campus. Except, it's midterm season and that means the place is crawling with stressed out undergrads, including some of her own students. And Cosima would rather not be interrupted by an overly eager freshman who hasn't grasped the finer points of punnet squares while she works on her proposal.

Earlier that week she'd discovered her office and apartment had too many distractions, she'd overstayed her welcome at the three closest coffee shops, and the med students had chased her out of the medical school library after she got into an argument about what qualified as being a "real doctor". She'd practically given up when she stumbled upon the law school library. It had decent lighting, wasn't too crowded, and was free of undergrads, making it the perfect study spot.

Cosima's noticed that she's not the only frequent visitor. She keeps watching on particular law student who never seems to leave. He's always there before her and he's always still there when she leaves. She's also not sure she's ever seen him leave to take a break or lose focus. It's both creepy and impressive.

She's 99% sure he's not a robot, but there's that 1% chance that he is. It's that 1% (and the fact that if she looks at another paper on the epigenetic impacts on stem cell development she will scream and get kicked out of her new favorite study spot) that inspires her to stop at his study table on her next coffee break. She sets down two cups of coffee and a stack of cookies wrapped in a napkin that she blatantly stole from a law seminar, hoping it's enough to lure him out of his study fog.]

You look like you could use a break, man.
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[Aaron on the other hand...hasn't really noticed Cosima, to be perfectly honest. It's not so much study fog as an intense focus. He's not panicking though, and his study pace is not frantic. In fact, for all that yeah, he's there for long stretches of the day, Aaron doesn't actually look stressed. He's not cramming. He's methodically working on making every essay he writes as perfect as possible. He's considering his audience.

(He has to. He has to get the best grades that he can because there's this one guy in all his classes who is just insufferable and Aaron has been waiting all semester to pull the highest grade right out from under that guy's feet.)

So, he's focused. But he's not insensible to the world around him. He glances up, first at the coffee and cookies, and then further up to actually look at Cosima.]

I'm pretty sure we're not in one of the designated eating areas.

[But he's got his voice pitched low, and there's kind of a smile on his face, so he's clearly not calling her out. Not actually.]
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Designated eating areas? Is that really a thing?

[Cosima just manages to hold back her laughter. Even if there are designated eating areas, which she doubts, she can't believe someone actually knows and cares about them. And maybe the guy's joking, which Cosima can appreciate even more. At least she knows he's not a robot now. Though, she still thinks he's desperately in need of a break.]
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[Look, they are totally a thing. They exist.

...Still. Aaron scans the room, on the lookout for librarians or other library staff, and then grabs a cookie. He's not a robot. He even picks another one up and offers it to her, though he casually shields his hand behind a stack of books. She does deserve some of her own offerings.]

It's a thing. First floor? Near the entrance.
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[Cosima snatches the cookie from his hand, making such a face. It's clear she has a less than favorable opinion of the mentioned entrance area.]

The entrance? No way. There are too many distractions. Besides, they keep all the comfy chairs up here. I can't study in an uncomfortable chair.

[Not to mention, the entrance has enough traffic that someone might notice that she's technically not a law student, and technically doesn't belong in their library.]
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I'm just saying. That's where it is. Theoretically so you don't damage the books, but I'm not sure how that actually works out. Probably just so that they don't find food in the stacks.

[He shrugs, and then takes another good hard look at her. Too late on that "noticing she doesn't belong" thing, Cosima.]

I don't think I've actually seen you around before. Or in any of my classes.
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also modern au

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[ It was something like mid-afternoon when Theo peered into her father's study, a small set of books under her arm and a small smile on her lips. ]

Daddy? Do you have a few minutes?

[ Look, this conversation truly should be in private, so she's making sure. ]
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[He looks up from his laptop, in the middle of composing a letter to his chief of staff. It's not all that important, though, so he smiles and waves Theo in, closing the laptop with the other hand.]

Of course, darling. What is it?