Date: 2016-05-03 01:47 am (UTC)
rhymeswithsir: (the curiosity of a lady is legitimate)
From: [personal profile] rhymeswithsir
That's kind of the point. We don't?

[Despite his protesting, Aaron still doesn't look all that bothered. It just doesn't seem like the best idea, to him. If they get caught...well, he and John are who they are. They could get into a lot of trouble with the wrong police officer. Aaron definitely doesn't need that kind of record.

Still. He brings a hand up to rest on John's arm, smiling at him a little.]

We could go for a regular picnic. What's wrong with a regular picnic?
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Date: 2016-05-03 04:40 am (UTC)
workingon3: (Which may afford you some amusement)
From: [personal profile] workingon3
I guess nothing's wrong with a regular picnic. But it's just not as cool or fun as a secret picnic.

[Because now that he's got this idea in his head, a regular picnic just seems to pale in comparison to the excitement of a picnic they're not supposed to be on.

He closes the distance between them to give Aaron a kiss. Just a quick peck on the lips.]

Are there any downsides other than getting caught?

Date: 2016-05-08 02:06 am (UTC)
rhymeswithsir: (pic#9754356)
From: [personal profile] rhymeswithsir
[Okay, the kiss is nice, and he reciprocates. BUT.

Aaron then narrows his eyes slightly as he thinks about that question, trying to find the right argument that will convince John that this is a bad idea. (He doesn't necessarily think he's going to find that argument, honestly. He knows John well enough to realize that sometimes this sort of thing is a losing battle. That he needs to pick and choose what he's going to drag his feet about.)

Trying to point out his actual concern is just going to make John dig in harder. The idea of injustice, and having someone to fight.]

Better scenery somewhere else?

[...Yeah sure, he'll go for the superficial. Is a rundown house really the best locale for a date, really?]

Date: 2016-05-09 04:41 pm (UTC)
workingon3: (Such a valuable set of acquaintance)
From: [personal profile] workingon3
[His pout intensifies, leaning on Aaron even more than he had been before.]

Mannnnn, come on. What're your ideas for a spot then?

[It's not that he's particularly dead-set on NEEDING this picnic, but the idea is in his head, and until it gets replaced with a better idea, he isn't going to understand what the problem is.

Besides, he thinks he could make it look really precious. Get some battery-operated christmas lights to string up, maybe have like, candles or something too? Shit, that would be great. He's up for something else, but it would have to be really good to outweigh this mental image he's created for the two of them.

And in the mean time, he's planning on being a whiny little butt about it.]



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