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ft. two dudes who aren't quite sure how talking about your feelings really works

Date: 2017-08-01 05:28 am (UTC)
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[It's not really unusual for Felix and Eugene to grab a drink together these days. Far from it. They're friends, so of course they end up hanging out on a regular basis. On the Iskaulit, when they're visiting a system...it's totally run of the mill.

It's why Felix definitely hadn't thought anything about this latest invitation to hang out at a bar on the current planet the Fleet has stopped at. Why would he? It's not like the conversation's been any different from the usual anyway.

He's just...glad in general, that he hasn't managed to frak this up. It's weird to kind of get a second shot, without all the weirdness that clouded the end of that relationship. A little bit like he's gaming the system. But he knows a little better now, how to approach Eugene. And it's not like he's trying to manipulate him, or anything. He's just...trying to relate to him better.

And their relationship is...good. He's really happy that Jack eventually turned up, it was nice to see Eugene genuinely happy. Felix has a vested interest in seeing Eugene happy. He likes it when he is, because it makes him feel...good? Something he's felt for a while, if he's being honest. Which he is...partially. Kind of. He's never looked too hard at that feeling. Eugene's his friend, a really good friend, and you want your friends to be as happy as possible. Right?

Right. So. They're at this bar. Chatting. Like normal.]

Date: 2017-08-16 04:43 am (UTC)
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[One of the benefits of having done years in journalism - even if some might raise an eyebrow at calling 'writing about food' journalism - is that chitchat comes easily even when his brain is spinning in three or four other directions at the same time. Years doing interviews and more years manning the radio alongside Jack, and the rhythm of conversation, questions and observations and quips, comes easily. He usually tries not to think about how remarkably easily it comes with Felix, in particular, even if he's a far cry from Jack's bright, quick counterpoint.

He thinks he shouldn't compare the two of them. He thinks that Jack, also, should probably stop comparing himself and Felix. Especially in that sly, encouraging way he's been doing it for awhile now, most recently peppered with sharp points of exasperation when Eugene unconvincingly tries to feint or change the topic.

Which is stupid, he's been telling himself, almost all the way up until he left to meet Felix at tonight's bar. He's fine with what this is, he keeps telling himself, because the answer is always a possible no, and Felix is a good friend regardless of whatever crazy idea Jack's nursing along and enabling. He's fine.

Whatever this is.]

You know- [It comes after a lull in the conversation, when there's room for a wry observation, a perfectly neutral rollout of an idea before he dares pose any kind of real question.] We've hit up at least one bar at every system we've been at for awhile now. Jack says we're practically dating.



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